Custom domain and email (DNS)

If you subscribed to our Carbon or Titanium price plan you have the possibility to use your own domain „“ for your ALLYOU site. We do not provide domain registration or email hosting. Therefore, you need a third-party provider where you can host your emails and are able to manage your domain and DNS entries.

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. These are web servers that translate a website IP address ( into a legible domain name (

Contact us to get support and step-by-step manuals for specific providers.

  1. Choose a registrar and purchase a domain name that's available (it usually costs about $12-$30 per year). We recommend which provides a convenient one-click dns setup for ALLYOU. But the service doesn't provide e-mail service so if you're looking for a all-in-one solution that includes a domain and e-mail service you should go for a provider like

    NOTE: There are a few registrars - like - that won't allow you to edit DNS entries.

  2. Edit the DNS settings.

    Step 1: Create an A-Record to point your domain to our IP

    Log in to your domain registrar's site, and locate the Zone File Settings or DNS Manager. Create an A-Record for @ which will point your domain to our IP Address (

    Name: @
    Type: A
    Points to: 

    Step 2: Create a CNAME for „www“

    Name: www
    Type: CNAME
    Points to:

  3. Please make sure to enter your domain in the ALLYOU account settings as well. After completing these steps, it usually takes a few hours for the changes to take effect. If you have troubles with the DNS settings try to contact your registrar. If you still struggle our supportis happy to assist you.


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