Black Patent Studio

London calling

Lea Meienberg

The essence

Stephanie Rau

Easy living

Fashion editor Stephanie has a keen eye on laid back, sharp editorial shoots

Ian Babineau

Hip risoprints as beautiful pieces of art

Sara Gassmann

All shipshape

Clara La Rosa

Sharp Styling

Stylist Clara La Rosa gets to the heart of fashion

Daniel Cocchi


Raffael Waldner

Cutting edge


Crossing disciplines

infoaboutog easily transcends between creative direction, styling, brand consultation and event planning.


Find inner balance

Naomi Akvama

Mesmerized in Limbo

Brad Ogbonna

NYC Street Smart

Born and raised in the Twin Cities, Brad Ogbonna's scope of photographic work ranges from cool to übercool

Comme Soie

Mouthwatering Food Styling Concepts

Marie Parakenings

Ethno in illustrations

Jennifer Santschy

A sharp pencil and a ton of talent

Jennifer Santschy is a Swiss Illustrator, Graphic Designer and photographer, who studied at the infamous ECAL in Lausanne. Her clients range from Caran d'Ache to ID pure and she's the winner of the favored Swiss Federal Design Prize.

Sonja Frey

Innovative Industrial Design

Marianne Müller

Observations of quotidian environments

Sam Steiner

Graphic Design Swiss Style

Based in pictoresque Lucerne, graphic designer Sam Steiner incorporates the art of Swiss Design and combines it with happy-go-lucky feelings.

Aladin B. Klieber

In the mood for photography


Signature Deluxe

Balthasar Illustration

Quirky as quirky can be

Balthasar "Balz" Bosshard makes raw, underground illustrations with a vivid stroke

Hari Gregory

Contemporary Art

A.flo Arquitectos

The best in architecture from Mexico


Interior Design

Interior Design with a personal touch

Swiss Mocean

Row for Charity – Cross the Atlantic Ocean

Sevda Albers

Cool Cat

Mira Gisler

The culinary world of a creative superwoman

Mira is a passionate artisan and a creative thinker, living and working in ticino


Everything you always wanted to know about living

Maria van Rensen

A high-quality label

Schaerer Mattle Architekten

Architecture to live in

Homey architecture from Schaerer Mattle architects

Huset for Kunst & Design

A Creative Space based in Denmark

Stephanie Kaiser

Good Dose of Wit

Christine Kälin

The Intersection of Art and Graphic Design

Based in Zürich and Toronto, Christine Kälin uses her ability to find simple solutions for complex incidents to develop concepts for clients from the fields of culture as well as business.

Atelier de Création Textile

Masterful Creation

Lina Müller

Fine Art and Illustration

Ben Zurbriggen

Magnifying Characters and Moments

Its not all about to remain the different,  it's passion in magnifying characters and moments, capturing the personal document.

Leonardo Bertelli

Fueled by Imaginative Worlds

Christian Knörr & Helvetia Leal

Discover a Wider View


The Practice of Architecture

Playze is a network of local architecture studios in Berlin and Shanghai. Its activities in spatial design the practice of architecture.

The Barber Paradox

Who shaves the Barber?

Gustaf Söderblom

With Passion and Glance

Die Astronauten

"Taking off" for an electronic space poetry travel.

The two astronauts Patric Marino and Oli Kuster are "taking off" for an electronic space poetry travel. A journey into stories, bleeps and beats.

Claudia Melzer

Styling Concepts

Atelier du Pont’s

A hyphen between desire and what is possible to do

Pierre Kellenberger

Beautiful Images for Amazing Spaces

Pierre has a keen eye for the beauty, insights and built work. Zürich based photographer specializing in photography for architects and the architectural spaces. He captures the right focus that can be spread.

the beautiful anomaly

Nothing is always something and something is always more then it seems...

Arnaud Chabloz

A visual explorer of language, an evident soulmate in the design community.

Freedom Models

From LA - Women’s fashion agency with a curator's eye

"Not afraid to color outside the lines and create a palette or path of our own.."

Edyta Kopcio

Inspiration always comes unexpectedly

LAIN - Alain Schibli

Different strokes for different folks!

Andrea Zanzerl

Young Brand Designer

Great portfolio, fantastic work by Zuerich based brand designer Andrea Zanzerl.


Design and Materia

The Mood Company - Sophie D.

Challenging the Mood

Raphaël Désveaux

Sub-Urban Reflections

Raphaël Désveaux is a Paris-based photographer. His specialty are fashion shootings in a distinct sub-urban setting, creating a very special atmosphere in his images.

Bam! Bam! Teatro

The world of BAM! BAM!

Rainer Noldin

Restoration, renovation and modernization

Mirjam Kluka

The wide range

Miriam Kluka is a portrait, beauty, editorial and advertising photographer based in Zürich Switzerland. In her photography, Miriam is constantly looking for the wide range of the known and unknowns...

Karin Wiesendanger

Young Art

Katharina Godbersen

361° Pacific Edition No. 1



Born in Germany and now based in Paris, Nini Gollong has been working in fashion and art as a set designer and prop stylist for the past 10 years. Her artistic work has been exhibited many times.

Stu McCardle


Stefania Vlastari

Pinball Font

Susanne Lichtenegger

It's Pong!

Hairstylist Susanne Lichtenegger is based in the UK, where she does beautiful projects for various fashion and art magazines. Her stylish portfolio design is one of our favorites!

DİLEKCİ Architects

Sky is the limit

Sascha Kuntze

Tilt-Shift Photography

Nadia Gabriel

Portraits and Snap Shots

The Scottish based artist and photographer has an intersting portfolio which ranges from glamorous portrait photography to snap shots of people in every day situations.

Simeon Meier

Genesis Set Design

Toria Brightside



Architecture from Italy

The architecture studio was founded in 2012 in Vicenza (Italy), by Enrico Nascimben and Enrico Zanconato. Since then, the studio has undertaken numerous projects in Italy and in the United States, always in search for new challenges!

Jennifer Tschugmell


Fabio Abecassis

Fashion Photography from Milan

Charlie De Keersmaecker


Belgian photographer Charlie De Keersmaecker usually specializes in black and white portraits. For his "artists series" he has made an exception and took images of Belgian artists like Luc Tuymans in their colorful work spaces.

Laura Huonker

Stage Director

Waldemar Hansson

Swedish Fashion Photography

Viet Dang


The hip hop dancer and choreographer has performed live and in music videos with artists like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyoncé or Muse. He also teaches hip hop workshops on a regular basis all around the globe and speaks seven languages.

Margherita Angeli

Lovely Photography


Exciting Contrasts

Servan Ilyne

sexy, young and fun

The French photographer is Servan Ilyne is based in Belgium. He likes to create colorful, bizarre and fantastical compositions, following his leitmotiv "sexy, young and fun".

Christina Rose Brown

Weighting the Sublime

Dash Magazine

Fashion and Fashion Art

Daria Popovskaia

Eat seasonably

The young designer from Italy has a portfolio full of beautiful and clever design works. This image is from the "eat seasonably" project. The campaign was created to help people enjoy fruits and vegetables at their very best.


Color Fall

Danna Victoria

The Art of Modeling


Handmade Acoustic Sessions

Philipp and Martin produce very special and "handmade" acoustic sessions with selected artists. Enjoy the beautiful videos on their platform HNDGMCHT.

Uber and Kosher

Fresh Design from Belgium

Birgit Kranzl

So far so schön

Nicola Fischer

Make me beautiful

Nicola Fischer is a hair and make-up artist from Zurich. She has worked for numerous clients like Annabelle, Julian Zigerli or minipic. Have a look at her beautiful portfolio.

Frank Landes

Furniture Design

Anna Pogossova

Mesmerizing Compositions

Christine Benz

Sweet as Sugar

Christine Benz is a fabulous food photographer, based in Zurich. Her mouthwatering compositions are unique. This particular image looks so delicious, it makes you want to lick your computer screen.

Alban Vogel

designer graphique

Franz Rindlisbacher


Daniela Gros

The City of Men with Top Hats

The painter Daniela Gros was born in Iceland but works and lives in Spain now. This image derived from the series 'The City of Men with Top Hats' which is a reflection of how we are trying to build our lives. Her portfolio design is one of the most creative we've seen so far.

Burak Kocak


Sandra Kennel



Cookies, Cakes and Candy Love

The creative mind behind Zuckerglück is Jacintha, a passionate cake designer from Stuttgart. She loves to turn dough, sugar and cream into masterpieces of design. To pretty to be eaten but too good to resist. Check out her sweet portfolio!

Samantha Lopez

Mick Jagger at Glastonbury Festival

Lukas Lienhard


Nur Terun

All about perspective

Nur Terun is a talented jewellery maker, who studied in Florence and Bolzano and is currently based in Istanbul. She has a faible for modern forms and her silver earrings are "all about perspective".

Diego Mallo


Model Partner

Ophélie Guillermand

Fabian Pfenninger


The top model Fabian Pfenninger from Zurich walks the runways in Paris and Milan for Cavalli, Strellson or Vivienne Westwood. This image shows him in a floral creation by Wolfgang Joop's WUNDERKIND.

Dominique Pooley


Stefano Viti

Light and Shadow

Thomas Wolfzettel


The images of Thomas Wolfzettel look like snap shots from a world where everyone is beautiful and models are eating pizza. His photography captures moments, expressions and people in a way that makes you want to jump into the picture and become part of the story.

Lukas Schönthal


Ellen Mirck

Lady in Blue

Philipp Jeker

Beard Revolution

The Zurich based Photographer has a faible for unconventional portraits. His amazing project "Beard Revolution" shows truly impressive, strange and beautiful examples of facial hair. Hipsters will be so jealous.

Tiago Costa

Out of the Box


Jewelry from the Printer

Juventino Mateo

Before and after

Juventino Mateo is a freelance Photographer with a faible for extreme images. This one is part of his current project: First, put a lot of make up on a pretty face, then make a huge mess of it. He combines two of the before-and-after images to one portrait. The results are fascinating and quite disturbing.

Andreas Peyer


Susanne Persson

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


Interior and Exterior Design

David and Karlijn are based in Amsterdam. They always try to approach things from just a slightly different angle, with a different touch, with different people, all with a creative mind. That's why they call themselves: Littlebitdifferent

Katja Stremmel

Wise words

Junggi Sung

Design for the Blind

Shem Dawson

Fantastic 3D Animations

The innovative 3D artist and game designer from New Zealand is a true early adapter. He was one of the first to integrate the 3D viewer Sketchfab. Check out his website to see his cool animations, some of them in interactive 3D!

Veronica Panati


Philipp Groth

Sasha Marini for WOW Magazine

Natalie Yuksel

Styling with a Twist

Natalie Yuksel is a Paris based stylist. Her work is strongly influenced by classicism which she likes to twist in a modern way. When she isn't busy styling, she finds ways of fighting for world peace in her leopard wedge heels.

Anna Larsson

Direktör Larsson

Lisa von Radecke

The Brothers Grimm

Mark Olson

Delicious Images

Food photography is a specialty of Mark Olson, Photographer from Canada. He serves his mouthwatering images with a side of arty still lifes. Want some dessert? Have a look at his portfolio:

Gil Leron

Mirror Eyes

Tomaso Baldessarini


Katja Alissa Müller


The design student from Zurich is currently doing her Masters in London. We are damn sure this talented young lady has a great career as a Graphic Designer ahead of her! Need any proof? Check out her impressive portfolio:

Robert Klebenow

Vintage Characters

Marianne Mueller

Swiss Art Award 2013

Evaan Kheraj

Canada’s Finest

We are proud that Evaan Kheraj, Photographer from Toronto, is part of our creative community. We love his ALLYOU site not only for his great works but also for the unique and very creative design. This image is from his latest series: still lifes of every-day items in nylon stockings. Sounds weird but the results are truly breath-taking!

Nana Sakai

Better than Mainstream

Thi Binh Minh Nguyen

The Gaudy Woods

Alex Mattsson

Futuresque Street Style

Alex Mattsson is a celebrated Fashion Designer from London who's known for his futuresque outfits. Inspired by street-style and music culture his creations reflect the pulse of his City.

Isabell Gatzen

Form follows Fun

Diego Speroni

Digital Retouch

Peter Giodani

Photography is Art

Peter Giodani is a young Slovenian Photographer who has already made a name for himself as an artist with a keen sense of esthetics. His ability to evoke strong emotions through his minimalistic style is shown in this unique image.

Kilian J Kessler


Claudia Tejada

Miss Kidai

Marzia Fossati

A picture is worth a thousand words

Marzia Fossati used to believe in words before she fell in love with images. Her work as a Stylist and Fashion Consultant in Milan still resembles the art of story telling although the images she creates are needless of words.

Philipp Brohl


Jessica Santini

Between Rome and Paris

Nicolas Coulomb

Beyond Gender

Is it a man or a woman? For Nicolas it doesn't matter. His androgynous models are beyond gender, simply motives in his unique compositions of colors. We love his various works for Novembre Magazine.

Ezra Acayan

Storys from Manila

Katie Martin


Philipp Mueller

Rock on!

The photographer travels frequently between Paris, London and Zurich. His diverse works for well known publications like L'Uomo Vogue or GQ are often influenced by his passion for rock and punk music.

Hugo Villard

Hugo Villard for Metal Magazine




Young Fashion Label from Zurich

This exciting dress (Photography by Juventino Mateo Leon) was designed by Ruza Rajcic and Hana Schärer, the initials and faces behind RSHADER, upcoming fashion label from Zurich.

Yuri Catania

eclectic, instinctive and creative

DASH Magazine

Excess in Minimalism

Florence Tetier

Novembre Magazine

„Novembre Magazine“, is an exceptional magazine about art and fashion practices in Switzerland and the world. Florence Tetier is the creative director, editor-in-chief & co-founder.

Giorgio Z Gatti

Candy Striper

Barbara Rigon

Guitar Hero

Francesco Brigida

Between Past and Present

Francesco Brigida is an Italian fashion photographer who works between Milan and Paris. His style balances aesthetics and naturalness in a way that turns moments into poetry.

Dario Desiena

Streetart and Graffiti Artist

Alexander Palacios

War Baby


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

The Swiss design and communications agency eyeworks worked with the famous Swiss photographer Alberto Venzago to create an eye-catching campaign for the renowned Ballet of Zurich.

Amelie Graalfs

Amelie Graalfs designed this impressive ad for unicef.

Taavetti Alin

The Finnish photographer pictures a musician in a very unusual setting in the wide and open finnish countryside.

Karin Westerlund

The Swedish Make-up artist made up supermodel Ashley Smith for the cover of Swedish ELLE.

Karin Westerlund, currently based in Stockholm, has various high end customers and has been working in all big fashion cities like Paris, New York, London and Milan.

dEMM arquitectura

The architects with offices in Portugal and Moçambique have won several prices for their residential building Foz do Douro in Porto.

Felipe Mendes

Fashion editor from Paris has staged various celebrities including french actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Carlo Branz

We love this italian photographers reduced design on his ALLYOU portfolio!

Carlo Branz, photographer from Milan, Italy really understands how to design a very modern and reduced (to the max) online portfolio. Congratulations!

Cameron Vaughan

Californian graphic designer designs posters we like.


Artist from Singapore, based in London is calling for air sent to her from Singapore to kill her homesickness.

Michael Spindler

The Swiss Filmmaker has won various awards, also by integrating his talents as a photographer into his filmmaking.

Michael Spindler, from Zurich, Switzerland is a true multitalent: Director of Photography, Photographer, Filmmaker, Director and Editor all in one, taking the best from all of these qualities to create outstanding work.

Mallaun Photography

Married couple and photography production team seem to be the perfect combination.

White Rabbit Dalston

The newest restaurant and place-to-be in Dalston, East London serves delicious english food.

Josh Feldman

The filmmaker from Los Angeles has published his newest short film.

Josh Feldman, filmmaker from Los Angeles, has been working with bigshots like Tom Hanks and for blockbusters like Halo 4.

Barbieri Bucher

Swiss graphic designers Barbieri Bucher created an award-winning exhibition poster for renowned Swiss artist Peter Regli.

Gianni Mangia

Italian Photographer takes us into the gloomy world with this portrait.

Janette Gloor

Swiss photographer focuses on fashion and beauty - to our liking.

This photograph by Swiss photographer Janette Gloor makes us wish the summer was back.

Tove Lisa

Swedish illustrator and graphic designer brings it right to the point.

Simin Bahushi

Swiss product designer designes a dress with aluminium construction.

Darrett Sanders

Multitalented director, director of photography, editor, actor and photographer from Los Angeles.

Darrett Sanders acted as director of photography, actor, editor and producer for the parody of
60's Euro-Spy Cinema Movie "Scream of the Bikini".

Paul Grabowski

The Illustrator and Designer leaves us bemazed by his drawings.

Jane and Jane

Identical twin photographers with identical middle names.

Gow Tanaka

Hairstylist from London inspires us to more wildness.

Gow Tanaka from London has worked for various top class shootings and
shows what's hip in todays hairstyle.

Julia Blank

German photographer travels back in time in her latest photostory.

Steph Martyniuk

New York based Photographers view on the young of today.

Flamingo Jewellery

Fine jewellery pieces, inspired by travelling the world

The individual jewellery pieces of Flamingo are chosen carefully and collected from around the world. Every piece unique, the collection changes often, making the visit on the website a pleasant surprise every time.

Francesco Brigida

Fashion Photographer from Italy has got the eye

Alice Hoffmann

Multi-talented Art Director

Lex Aliviado

Young and hungry.

Picture by half Filipino and half German Designer & Photographer Lex Aliviado, born 1989.

Gabriel Lobos

Power-drying clothes

Yves Bachmann


Filipa Fernandes

nr. 76

by fashion editor Filipa Fernandes

Irina Marinescu

city I fragments!/114571

Sophie Jung


Heloise Maret


Hide-and-Seek in a blurry reality
image by Hélois Maret!/116433

Janette Gloor

"a day with Katharina"!/93894

Romina Ressia


Sébastien Rohner

Ibhola Lasc Mzansi

moments of another reality
image by Sébastien Rohner!/15959

Rossana Passalacqua


Winkler + Noah

Natura Si

Martena Duss


shoot for zitty magazin berlin
hair and makeup by martena duss!/71971

Marcel Britt


Jackie Hardt


Noe Flum


impressive pictures around airplanes!/107404

Miriam Dembach

Mollerus Campaign S/S 2012

Paolo de Caro



Rivista Studio

stylish - photo shoot for rivista studio
by VanMossevelde+N

Simon Steuri

DJ Antoine - This Time



Fabian Sigg


poster design for revier club
by fabian sigg

Tristan Clairoux


Jan Baset Střítežský

Alois Nebel (2011)

Daniella Gurtner


Pop Up 60s - fashion shoot/London
Directed by Fashion Director Daniella Gurtner and Photographer Kristin Vicari


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