Payment terms and price plans (Video)

It’s your own choice whether you want to use ALLYOU for free or subscribe for one of our price plans. You can choose between three options, which offer you different features:

Aluminum: free
Carbon monthly pament: 12$. Subscribe for a year and save 48$!
Titanium monthly payment: 20$. Subscribe for a year and save 60$!

Note: ALLYOU Carbon is free for all design- or art students of our partner schools, who register with their student email address ( Learn more.

  1. Choose your subscription in your account settings under "Payment". ALLYOU operates with PayPal and follows their terms and conditions. The amount is automatically deducted from your account the next month or year, unless you cancel your subscription through PayPal before the renewal date.

  2. If you don't have a PayPal account you can also pay via direct transfer to our bank account (annual payment only): GmbH
    IBAN: CH13 0900 0000 4050 6948 7

    Please send us the confirmation of your payment, so we can manually update your account. 

  3. You can switch price plans at any time in your account settings under „Payment“. Please make sure to cancel your current subscription in your PayPal account before you subscribe again for the new price plan.

  4. Video Tutorial:


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