Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)

Swiss graphic and typographic artist Arnaud Chabloz is a visual explorer of language, an evident soulmate in the design community.


Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)

Hi Arnaud

Hello Switzerland

Throughout our ALLYOU portfolio sites, yours is one of those with quite an uncommon ±language combination: French and Spanish

I’m a Swiss graphic designer but at the moment I’m living in Colombia for a few months now, that’s why the portfolio is currently in español but also in french.

Your company is based in Switzerland and Bogota, how come? Does local influence play a role in your business?

Well it’s still not an official « company », maybe I will start one when I return back to Switzerland. Yes I am currently working for both Colombian and Swiss clients and this « mix of cultures » is very interesting for graphic and typographic design because design is related to visual culture and habits. Of course over here in Colombia things are very different compared to Switzerland, but I’m very happy when people of both countries tell me they like my work. Design can truly function as a bridge between cultures!

Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)

How did your business started and what does design mean to you?

Design (or I’d prefer the word «visual creation» which is much global) means a lot to me. When I don’t create or work on a font or a design, I get bored and that is why it is very important to keep looking for visual solutions to a problem.

My business started in Switzerland together with friends, looking for a graphic designs for their different projects. My residence at « La Cité Internationale des Arts » in Paris helped me a lot to experiment with font design and entirely self-made projects from type design to homemade printing.

Stunning creations, how do you bring your clients on board?

As I said before, most of them are friends at the moment, so it helps in the beginning. But one thing is very important to me. It doesn’t matter if the client is an international firm or a friend, I always will treat the work with the same serious and professional way. I did this portfolio with your platform’s help to show my work because it’s important that my future clients know my style and way of work before they contact me. For example I want them to know that I consider type design (typography) as important as the final graphic design. Thanks for using the « stunning » word, I’m glad you guys like my work!

Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)

With who you would like to make a project with, or work together with in future time?

Aww, this question is quite difficult to answer… Of course there are a lot of type designers / graphic designers / artists of all kind that I’d be amazed to work with! In a global way, I'm always looking for bigger projects, new things to experiment. I wouldn’t be interested in working all my life only for the same client for instance. I always need new things to keep moving and to keep progressing in the fields of Type and Graphic designs.


If you wouldnt went on the run for your own "graphic design" agency, where else would we have found you?

I think if I wasn’t a designer, I’d try to become a drawer or a visual artist… As I said before, visual creation is very important for me! But to say the truth I couldn’t imagine to get away from typography for example. Type Design is the field I’m the most interested in currently, and in which I’m willing to keep on progressing.


How do you got introduced to ALLYOU and why is it your webtool

It’s a friend of mine who introduced me to ALLYOU when I was looking for a webtool to build up my online portfolio. He told me it was very interesting because it is especially built for creators’ portfolios, with a lot of types and design possibilities. And that it came from Zürich, too! :) I didn’t hesitate long.


Thank you Arnaud for your time.
Thank you guys for your interest to my work!


Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)
Interview with Arnaud Chabloz, Grafic Designer living in Bogotà (Colombia)