Interview with the italien actor, author and director Lorenzo Bassotto

The Bam! Bam! Teatro - Lorenzo Bassotto and the charm, humor, magic and wisdom on stage

Interview with the italien actor, author and director Lorenzo Bassotto

BAM! BAM! TEATRO - Capitani Coraggiosi

Bam!Bam! Teatro, tell us how it all started?

Bam!Bam! is a theatre company that was born in 2014 from a long experience of a certain group of people in theatre for the youth. Actors, writers, musicians, photographers and of course promoters, are all working together to create high-quality performances and promote the culture and bring it into the youths’ mind. The culture of books and the culture of the living performance. An actor, an audience, a story… and it's magic, it is ancestral. We are people with different experiences and different ages but all together with the same goal: to develop culture as well as our young spirit! -

Where do you get your inspiration from? (for theatre art)

 It varies a lot. Currently we are running three different productions. The two performances for young people are about two great literature classics: "Captain Courageous" by R.Kipling and "The war of the buttons" by L.Pergaud. The other one is about the First World War "Before Lives Fall". When we choose a new production we must be be careful about a lot of things. We especially have to pay attention to the possibilities that the story give us in terms of dramaturgical manipulation. Normally there are only two actors on stage and we must find the best way to give life to a written story. Secondary, which is the strong theme, the strong intention presents in the story. What we read and what we want to communicate. We don't like to use the word "message" in combination with a story. It is all rhetorical and in the end we are not masters… we are actors. We tell a story and we communicate emotions. that's all -

BAM! BAM! TEATRO - La guerra dei Bottoni


With whom you like to be one time on stage?

That is a very good question!! I think everyone of us have different desires. For me, it is not about which actor or actress you are on stage with. When you are on stage your partners are important but not essential I guess. My dream would be to work on a writing by Guus Kuijer, maybe the most important living writer for young people, the winner of all the most important writing awards in the world. He is a belgian writer and all his stories I've read are like an eye-opener for me. Maybe one day…

Interview with the italien actor, author and director Lorenzo Bassotto

La pace - Lorenz Bassotto


How do you celebrate a successful ouverture with your group/friends

When we have a premiere we don't know if is going to be successful! We work hard on the performance before its launch, and when it's finished we have different impressions. It's like a newly born son, that needs a lot of attention and education and at the same time it is a bridge that allows us to communicate with the audience. The performance acts as an language between the actors and the public. It's a very good sensation, and if it runs.. it's magic. After the premiere we usually celebrate.

Interview with the italien actor, author and director Lorenzo Bassotto

Lorenzo Bassotto


If you could lock up something (it could be anything personal, material or natural) today to reveal it in 5 years ahead of time, what would it be?

That is a strange question….I don't know, maybe if I should lock up something it would not be not just for 5 years but for the entire life. I would like to lock and transmit the love and my passion for the work I do; the fascination and gratitude in the eyes of the young people during our performances are just priceless to me.


Thank you Lorenzo for your time as well as using as your personal web tool. Verona has a lot to offer - The Arena - The Bam Bam Teatro and Lorenzo Bossatto.  -

Interview with the italien actor, author and director Lorenzo Bassotto

Lorenzo Bassato