Interview with Susanne Lichtenegger, Stylist based in London

Susanne Lichtenegger is a German stylist, based in London. We asked her about her first job in the fashion industry, her live in London and her favorite hair trends.


Interview with Susanne Lichtenegger, Stylist based in London

OFFBLACK, Photo by Wilcox & Johansson


What are you best known for?

I love being experimental and everyone knows me as a real perfectionist.


What fascinates you about being a hair stylist?

It’s a great way for me to express my creativity and to convey different moods and styles. Cutting and styling hair is a fantastic skill! I’m lucky to be able to transform a look, convey a message or emotion through my work and make people feel happy and great about the way they look. But what I love most about hair is that each and every style can tell a story. It can bring to life a mood, or a particular period in time, let's say with the behive, 20's bob, the perm... ect. I see it as a material that can be brought to life with my creativity, and I'm always learning new things - inspiration never gets boring!


Interview with Susanne Lichtenegger, Stylist based in London

AVENUE32, Photo by Pau


Is there a part of your job that you really dislike?

Travelling with too much luggage – but it has too be done, I take pride in my trade tools and product and would be lost without my own scissors on a shoot.

You’re from Germany but currently based in London. How important is the surrounding for your creativity?

I love beeing based in London, its a great city to be in for inspiration. It has speed, a buzzing energy and it's such a multicultural place. It opens the door to new things and opportunities and is constantly moving and changing. Like inspiration, it never gets boring. Everytime I’m back in London, I get the feeling of freedom and happiness, this city lets me breath. I find that career satisfaction for me in London translates my mind being free for creative explorations.

What was your first job at a fashion shooting and how did you get it?

It was a John Rocha show in 2008. At the time I was still working in a salon in Munich when I landed the opportunity for the show here in London.. It was my second time in London, it’s years ago but the memory is still fresh in my mind - it was a fantastic experience.


Interview with Susanne Lichtenegger, Stylist based in London

VISION CHINA, Photo by Wilcox & Johansson


What’s your favorite hair trend at the moment?

Well, I have a couple. One of it is a simple natural hair look with a soft wave and a bit of texture, just effortless and sophisticated. Another trend I also was really inspired by is the slightly more glamouros work I have done for Tom Ford Show ss15. Its a slightly more layered, textured and sexy look.

What’s your resolution for 2015?

More time for myself, fashion is fast paced and it’s good to explore other arts to avoid burn out.. I want to pick up the violin again.