Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich

After studying at ETH and working in internationally renowned companies, Martin Kaschub and Dominique Meier started their own architecture studio together in 2013.

Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich

Competition Sicherheitsverbund Wil

You have both spent a few yeas working in large and well-known architecture companies. What led to your decision to start your own company?

We both always knew that we want to run our own studio someday.  This way we are able to enjoy the various aspects of our profession. As an employee it often happens that you are given a certain task and responsibility. This situation causes difficulties to grow out of.  

But however we believe it is very important to spend some time in different architecture practices. Doing that you  are introduced to different work approaches and you can develop an idea how to set up your own working method. Some people need a fix and preset frame to function – we create our own in which we can evolve.


What are the advantages and disadvantages in being a freelancer?

We appreciate the freedom to choose our own projects, to find our own rhythm in a working environment that meets exactly our needs. The business aspects of running a company is an exciting change to the classical tasks of architecture. The diverse responsibilities of course creates a challenge as well.

Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich
Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich

Casa Alice – Refurbishment of a Cabin in Valbella. Photography: Alessandro Mattle

Which stereotype about architects do you find annoying?

„Architects work day and night.“

And which stereotype do you fit yourself?

We often wear black – and look good in it!

There are quite a few architects in Zurich. What makes you special?

The two of us combine very different characteristics, abilities and experiences. Besides we have been good friends for a long time, so our collaboration benefits from a deep and intensive exchange of ideas.

Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich
Interview with Kaschub, Meier – Architects from Zurich

Competition Kantonaler Werkhof Münsingen

What is especially important for you about your work?

It is important for us to approach every new project open minded in order to develop the most appropriate solution for each specific commission. Exact observation and their interpretation is the requirement to build up a clear position. 

To build up strong, longterm relationships with our collaborators is of great value to us as well. Once you work together as a team and develop a genuine understanding, you can take each project to a further level.

Which project would you like to realize next?

Building up our practice to a stable crew – the size of a football team.