The Art of Illustration

An image is worth a thousand words. That’s especially true for the illustrations we’ve handpicked for you. Each image tells a story of its own: a clever joke, a depiction of a complex political issue, or the visualization of a childhood dream. We hope you enjoy our selection and visit the artist’s portfolios to explore their beautiful work. And if you’re a bit of an artist yourself, you should definitely join the Fumetto competition.

Lukas Schönthal

Lukas Schönthal is a passionate illustrator and graphic designer from Germany. The very special style of his illustrations is called one-liner-wonder: "The whole illustration is drawn in one take, without lifting the pen. It takes just a few seconds. I leave everything to coincidence and just follow the movement of my hand. It's a very intuitive technique, completely free of pressure, anticipation or judgement." – Lukas


The Art of Illustration

Bernd Hold by Lukas Schönthal



The Art of Illustration

Indianer by Lukas Schönthal

Diego Mallo

Diego Mallo is an extremely talented visual artist and illustrator from Barcelona. His works capture human nature and Zeitgeist in way that is both intelligent and hilarious. We asked him about his work and inspirations. Read the interview.

The Art of Illustration

"Ear Candy" by Diego Mallo, published at Ammo Magazine

The Art of Illustration

Stupidity by Diego Mallo

Tove Lisa 

Tove Lisa is a freelance illustrator who lives in Malmö, Sweden. She loves thin pencils and the darkness of real ink. Her favorite subjects are animals and recipes in hand drawn typography.

The Art of Illustration

Illustration by Tove Lisa

Gil Leron

Gil Leron is a freelance illustrator, concept artist and a painter based in Israel. Her imaginative work is somehow surrealistic, yet familiar from many childhood visions. This image belongs to the series „Mirror Eyes“, which is the script for her graduation film.

The Art of Illustration

Mirror Eyes by Gil Leron

The Art of Illustration

Nogi by Gil Leron

Paul Grabowski

Paul Grabowski is an illustrator from Munich whose portfolio contains a great variety of styles. His works for newspapers, magazines and ad campaigns have won several awards. This illustration shows the turmoil around the "Red Flora" in Hamburg – a very complex issue expressed in just one image.

"What I like most about illustration is the storytelling. A visual highlight or a subtle illustration can really enrich a story. The high level of abstraction makes an illustration understandable for everyone and gives me a lot of creative freedom." – Paul

The Art of Illustration

Hamburg by Paul Grabowski


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